quickBPM- A Comprehensive Platform for Seamless Business Process

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 29 December 2016, 05:03 IST

As the competition in the market intensifies, organisations keep seeking for newer more reliable solutions to stay ahead in the game. Business Process Management(BPM), has surfaced on the scene as the solution, which is providing organisations an edge over others. More and more organisations are recognising the role of BPM in accelerating and optimising the effectiveness of their business processes. According to NASSCOM, India’s BPM market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent by 2020. The BFSI (Banking, Finance and Insurance Sector) is the leading procurer of the BPM technology, followed by manufacturers and telecom sectors. The primary demand of employers from BPM solutions is easy accessibility and utilization of the system, creation of a process centric work culture with high degree of automation, analysis and optimisation of the current resources, monitor, control & acceleration of work; identification of gaps and assistance in decision making, security of data, collaboration amongst all stakeholders involved and an efficient and paper-less organisation.

Meeting all the above mentioned demands with the right combination of product features allowing comprehensive functionality, without complications and suitable for all organisations is quickBPM solution being provided by Mumbai based software solution provider, Workflowed Solutions Pvt. Ltd. quickBPM is a quick, flexible and cost effective system. It is comprehensive, yet simple to implement and use, which caters to varying requirements of stake holders at different levels in an organisation, i.e. top and middle level management and also end users. What sets quickBPM apart is that it enables organisations quick automation of the existing processes. In return, the automation enables organisations to measure process efficiency; identify bottlenecks, redundant processes and root causes of delays. Numerical measures allow the organisation to easily identify the laggards in the process. Another advantage of this system is that it is also available on cloud allowing users the accessibility, irrespective of the time and location in real time. quickBPM engines generate reports, analysis and update dashboards in real-time. Thus, the management is in a better position to take confident and precise decisions using the data provided by the quickBPM software.

quickBPM suite
The quickBPMsuite includes two solution systems: qbDesign and qbDeploy solution. qbDesign allows the users to design their process flow, design screens for user interface, design tables, cross-tab chart reports, analytics and dashboards for measurement of process performance and clarity. qbDeploy is the web interface which will be exposed to the end users for their entries and processing. The suite also features Process Designer which enables process designs with role and an estimation of the turnaround time of the task.Form Designer enables screen designs, screen level validations, data type checks with simple drag and drop. The suite also accommodates Report Writer that enables business users to define their own tabular, cross-tab, charts for their daily use. Dashboard Designer enables designing of dashboard against set Key Performance Indicators. With Inbuilt Document/Content Management users can scan, attach and study required documents. Organizational policies, rules, and validations are defined and controlled in the Business Rules Integration. The Business Activity Monitoring enables the admin to monitor, control and manage process behaviour effectively. Performance Dashboard gives process effectiveness indications enabling agility, transparency and improvements for larger organizational benefits.

Citing a recent collaboration of quickBPM with a Swedish MNC to implement BPM solutions for the seamless flow of its processes Nandkishor Desai, CEO, quickBPM says, this particular MNC’s operations were highly process centric. They offered special discounts to its customers from time to time, on a case to case basis. They electronically processed and tracked customer’s orders. However, these processes were too complex to be managed throughthe ERP systems. quickBPM's consulting team analyzed the situation and recommended a planned business process automation approach involving tight integration of departments to improve the overall productivity and reduced time-delays in the operations. The client benefitted with a significant improvement in overall performance: strong collaboration between cross-functional teams, cross-functional visibility, quicker processing, reduced delivery timelines, satisfactory vendor and customer base. 

Nandkishor Desai further added that following industry solutions have been developed and implemented using quickBPM platform; CRM, Secondary Sales Management, HRMS, CAPEX Management, Contract Management, Project Management, Back Office Management, Travel and Expense management, Complaints and Service Call Management and Field Audit Process. 

Nandkishor Desai delineates that most ERP and bespoke backend systems that are implemented today fail to and/or take considerabletime to adapt to the requirements of changing business processes. Thus the gap between the business processes and the IT solutions has widened. BPM provides an integrated and comprehensive platform which in turn provides standardisation and scalability to the IT executives and agility and functionality to business executives. He believes that, in days to come, automation of business processes for all counterparts – vendors, dealers, retailers and service providers will become essential, almost unavoidable. BPM has the potential to generate real benefits in reducing costs, improvement in revenues and profit margins, better cash flows, higher operational efficiencies, more robust and secured environment and better compliance.

The force behind quickBPM
The entrepreneurs at quickBPM have over 25 years of experience working in close proximity with end user programs in several domains. Thus, they possess clear understanding of the needs and demands of the client looking for BPM solutions. quickBPM is extending its operation in the international geographies of USA, Canada, South East Asia and Middle East. Nandkishor hopes that the international exposure will further boost the robustness and efficacy of their applications, leading to increased acceptance of their solutions by clients across various spectrums of industry. A senior IT Manager speaks of quickBPM, “Developed as per our process within 3 weeks. Requirements got evolved and fitted well within application, got excellent support from implementation team, they know their product well.”

To summarize, if one is looking for a BPM suite, which is agile, quick to implement, flexible and yet which is rugged and robust, custom built yet, cost effective, then quickBPM is the solution. 

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