eClerx: Making Businesses Smarter with Innovative BPM Solutions

Rohitash Gupta, Chief Financial Officer

The modernization of legacy IT systems is a growing priority in the business world, strongly focusing on infrastructure and operational improvements. It is noted that this process could potentially reduce the business operational costs and boost the annual business revenue. Most challenges encountered by businesses today stem from the use of traditional systems that could mean data in accuracies, lack of documentation, outdated best practices and unreliability of the systems. Businesses need to undergo a complete transformation or risk the system falling prey to the domino effect throughout the organization where one problem will set off a chain of complications.

Assisting organizations in a rapid business transformation to address these challenges is Mumbai headquartered eClerx with its comprehensive suite of business operations services.

Perfectly understanding that selecting the right tools to ensure IT modernization acts as the very foundation of an organization's strategy, the company was founded in 2010 with the sole aim of transitioning, managing and transforming complex business processes. The company has carved a niche for themselves in the market and are providers of novel BPM, change management, datadriven insights, advanced analytics powered by subject matter experts and smart automation.
Empowering customers with its leading process management and data analytics offerings, the company caters to some of the well-renowned organizations belonging to industry verticals such as financial services, cable & telecom, retail, fashion, media & entertainment, manufacturing, travel & leisure, software and high-tech. The company services three divisions with the first one being Customer Operations services that has been developed to enhance customer experience through various everyday touchpoints by leveraging quality monitoring /insights, advanced analytics, automation, superior technical operations support and digital care services.

Secondly, eClerxDigital is designed with the motive to aid the marketing, eCommerce, BI and analytics and the Creative sectors. The team ceaselessly works at converting the data into rich data insights that build awareness, generate leads and increase sales thereby propelling the client’s marketing efforts. It also delivers a clean and seamless user experience that can create a better shopping experience, making customers convert their carts into actual sales. It helps them with accurate forecasting, uses data for personalization and even creates stunning assets for use in print and digital.

The third largest market segment that eClerx caters to is the financial markets. The team extends its services on not the banking front but for consultations and its unique process management expertise to solve any operational challenges that may occur. The team of technically adept experts facilitate this sector with their portfolio of solutions across the trade lifecycle, change management, data analytics, compliance, cash securities operations, document digitization and generation, and outreach. All this is achieved through the joint forces of 9,000 professionals geographically dispersed across the globe located in the US, UK, India, Italy, Germany, Singapore and Thailand. The company envisions continuing to maintain its leadership position in this domain and assuring a smooth transition from legacy systems to complete IT modernization.