Globiva: Democratizing Business Process Management

L-R: Ashish Goyal, Vikram Singh Nathawat,
Navneet Gupta

According to Frost and Sullivan, the APAC market showed that the Indian Contact Centre Market is one of the fastest growing and competitive markets in the world. This figure is likely to outgrow its previous records given the benefits of outsourcing where there is no real capital expenditure and no potentially huge operational and support cost. But this outgrowth has posed an onerous challenge. In India, out of the existing 1800 registered contact centres, only a handful of centres strike a 100-crore annual turnover. Most contact centres offer sub optimal inefficient services which do not meet quality standards in handling customer interactions. This creates severe dependency on the clients to identify right contact centre partners to meet their service quality requirements.

Attempting to fill these gaps, Business Process Management (BPM) companies offer solutions in many aspects of business, especially to increase customer engagement. While the big focus is on efficiency in operations, the automated solutions dive deeper to provide integrated services. In order to meet ever growing and constantly evolving demands, Gurugram headquartered, Globiva provides a wide range of BPM services in customer interaction services, finance, accounting, Human Resource, and back Office Service. Globiva aims to bring the highy auotmated and integrated contact center solutions at par with the top players of the industry through its affordable and robust BPM customized solutions. Through such offerings, the company helps its clients operate the right kind of powerfully integrated IT infrastructure system to achieve the robust outsourcing goals without compromising on efficiency and quality of services.
Offering Flexibility across Business Needs
“Globiva is positioned as a premium contact centre for Indian clients and it strives to meet the clients’ KPIs at a better price than other top players for better customer engagement without compromising on any parameters,” states Vikram Singh Nathawat, Director. This endeavor is made possible through the Omni-channel platform integrated into a single database. It provides immense flexibility to clients to engage with their customers. At the database level, all the multiple channels like emails, voice, web chat, are integrated into a singular platform. The solution allows contact information to be routed to appropriate people, contacts to be tracked, and data to be gathered.

"Globiva is positioned as a premium contact centre for Indian clients and it strives to meet the clients’ KPIs at a better price than other top players for better customer engagement without compromising on any parameters"

Globiva not only provides apt BPM solutions but also strives to transform the business management sector. In India, the biggest challenge is to bring the required rigor in managing a business which necessitates real-time tracking. Globiva ensures the right grip on SLAs through deployment of highly customizable real-time tracking solutions.

Globiva does not limit itself to just providing BPM solutions to its clients. Rather it takes care of all the aspects including technology, ergonomics and customization, and the infrastructure needed to build robust services. These highly innovative and customizable services and solutions need high-end facility and secure centers. Globiva’s backbone lies in the fact that it has one of the finest facilities in contact centers including international BPOs. It has the entire infrastructure needed to cater to all ergonomic needs and quality. Globiva has a strong 1200 employee base and is operating from ISO 27001 compliant state of the art three facilities, and is planning to further build three more facilities in 2019 and will have 3000 employee base in next one year, making them one of the fastest grown BPMs in the country. Globiva has expanded its services and clientele across banking, insurance, e commerce, travel and retail verticals.

Globiva Services has been set up by BPM Industry veterans - Navneet Gupta, Vikram Nathawat and Ashish Goyal with over 60 years of expertise in BPM Industry. Globiva offers most innovative customized automated solutions to help its clients meet their outsourcing goals.