quickBPM: Enabling Enterprises to Automate Business Processes and Optimize Business Performance

Nandkisor Desai Director & CSMO, Mohit Vohra CEO, Sanjay Deokule Founder & Director

Digital Transformation is inevitable for all organizations today, whether big or small. The future of work will change dramatically with digital technologies. Businesses need to make sure they too are transforming digitally, and not getting left behind by their competitors. As more companies shift majority of their services and operations online, finding ways to improve and optimize business processes is crucial.

This is where BPM solutions come to the aid of businesses by playing a central role in digital transformation and helping in optimizing the business processes. Since each business environment is unique, customers are looking for solutions that are agile, quick to implement and can automate business processes tailored to their business.

Catering to these requirements, Mumbai headquartered, quickBPM, with its comprehensive business process management(BPM)suite enables organizations to automate business processes quickly. The product suite is built on newer technology stack, which differentiates it from the rest of the existing products available in the market. Another important feature and core capability of this platform is the Business Activity Monitoring capability that facilitates customers to monitor and improve the business process performance.

“While many BPM providers have a few modules that are retrofitted to the existing solution, all modules of quickBPM are seamlessly integrated as they share a common architecture and design platform,” affirms Mohit Vohra, CEO, quickBPM. Not only that, the process diagrams can be built from scratch within days and the business rules can be configured with minimal coding. “Most of the works that we deliver to our customers are virtually configured,” he adds. This is the primary reason why some of the leading companies in Media, Pharma, BFSI and Logistics have selected quickBPM.

Customized,Easy to install and Cost-Effective
Delivering solutions to market in a timely fashion is highly essential as the concept of timely delivery has shifted months to weeks after the
requirements are identified. quickBPM specializes in building business specific process and takes only few weeks and not months to deliver its solutions to customers. Additionally, the company offers customized, easy to implement and cost-effective solutions as well.

Improving Efficiency and Measuring the Performance Parameters
The primary purpose of Business Process Automation is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and measuring the performance is the first step towards improving the process performance. quickBPM has two modules named qbEngine and qbBAM that work in tandem to track all the pending and completed activities with respect to time,cost and effort. This facilitates in measuring the performance parameters of any instances of the process that is being executed. In case, of delays over standard TATs, the reason codes are captured that reflect on the root cause of process inefficiency.

"While many BPM providers have a few modules that are retrofitted to the existing solution, all modules of quickBPM are seamlessly integrated as they share a common architecture and design platform"

When it comes to data analysis, quickBPM, with its analytical module – Digidash, enables faster decision making since it is real time analysis and helps in measuring KPIs, and is built on the transactional dataset of processes. Digidash, also allows users to define KPIs for specific processes which are monitored along with the background data.

quickBPM has BPM (comprehensive process management suite), qbCRM++(Sales and Service solution) and qbProject(project planning, scheduling and execution system) built for the industry by industry professionals who have great expertise in these areas. The product has core capabilities around Document management, audit trails, alerts and notifications which are critical must have capabilities in today’s times.

quickBPM has been providing solutions to customers in the B2B space and to mid-sized customers in India and is planning to go global. The company is currently engaged in discussions with partners in US, Canada, Middle East and South East Asia. quickBPM is also looking for partnering opportunities with like-minded and established players in these geographies.

Sanjay Deokule, Founder and Director of quickBPM mention, “We have received excellent response and support from our customers. We have aggressive growth plans and will go global this year. Our Product roadmap covers AI and Blockchain. We will continue to offer value to our customers by staying ahead of the technology curve and backing it by customer responsive support teams”.