Success Metric: Driving Better Informed Decisions with Open Source Integrated BPM

Praveen Vaitla, Co-Founder

In today’s age, Business Process Management(BPM)is observed as the systematic implementation of the company’s workflows and processes to achieve set business goals, making contributions to the economy. While the Indian market in itself is a mammoth sized market in the midsized enterprises section that are backed with experience but simultaneously need to compete with mushrooming big companies by getting access to data analytic tools and leveraging data to make better informed decisions in increasing their share of market and ROI.

Unlike any other BPM service provider, Success Metric, headquartered in Telengana, facilitates these companies in leveraging this data and making informed decisions to overcome various challenges in the supply chain, sales, manufacturing and other areas and improve ROI through visual and predictive analytic models. In conjunction with this, apart from the transactional data from client, Success Metric also harnesses the power of open source data from various authenticated sources to add more value in the decision making process thereby providing a competitive edge over the other players in the market. The Success Metric's analytics platform pulls open source data to integrate with the transactional data and add more value for business development analytics. All the analytical dashboards are completely customized and built based on the client’s requirement.

The company treats its Business Process Management tools when
implemented and applied as an individual module for respective departments which assists in tracking the productivity of each department. The team at Success Metric sits with the inhouse team of the client to gain a better understanding of the clients unique requirements and move along every step as per the client’s guidance and demands and serve with a dedicated assigned BPA expert and consultant and a team of certified professionals for custom developed tools and maintenance as well. The module is implemented within a stipulated time frame at an economical cost. The Business problem statement is addressed using various techniques; the team assigned deals with it via a broad range of technique such as visual analytics, predictive modelling, machine learning techniques and simulation.

"The Success Metric's analytics platform pulls open source data to integrate with the transactional data and add more value for business development analytics"

Despite being a recent entrant into the market, the company’s Business Intelligence Service is putting an end to conventional systematic approaches and embracing newer trends of assisting brands by staying a step ahead with effective planning through the data analytics tool. Unlike the cookie cutter approach, the team at Success Metric has adopted the latest trends of providing crisp and summarized information to its clientele without any delay on every gadget; making it easily available and the dashboard portrayed as its USP among its array of offerings. The team assures one the best experience with the analytics dashboard which will represent all the insights by extracting meaningful and relevant data, which can be both raw and processed.

The strength of the platform and the wide scale acceptance of it have enabled the company’s massive and rapid growth. With the power of team members from reputed universities and with deep industry experience, the company is currently focusing on advancing technologies like AI and IOT devices as well for collecting data and making intelligent decisions autonomously.